• Fix incorrect embedding_size in load_image_embedding_model docstring

  • Add tensorflow.keras mock modules to docs/ to fix docs build

  • Remove pin on sphinx version

  • Add note about training bug in README


  • Add librosa as an explicit dependency

  • Remove upper limit pinning for scikit-image dependency

  • Fix version number typo in README

  • Update TensorFlow information in README


  • Upgraded to tensorflow>=2.0.0. Tensorflow is now included as a dependency because of dual CPU-GPU support.

  • Upgraded to kapre>=0.3.5. Reverted magnitude scaling method to match kapre<=0.1.4 as that’s what the model was trained on.

  • Removed Python 2/3.5 support as they are not supported by Tensorflow 2 (and added 3.7 & 3.8)

  • Add librosa frontend, and allow frontend to be configurable between kapre and librosa
    • Added frontend='kapre' parameter to get_audio_embedding, process_audio_file, and load_audio_embedding_model

    • Added audio_frontend='kapre' parameter to process_video_file and the CLI

    • Added frontend=’librosa’ flag to load_audio_embedding_model for use with a librosa or other external frontend

    • Added a openl3.preprocess_audio function that computes the input features needed for each frontend

  • Model .h5 no longer have Kapre layers in them and are all importable from tf.keras

  • Made skimage and import VideoFileClip use lazy imports

  • Added new regression data for both Kapre 0.3.5 and Librosa

  • Parameterized some of the tests to reduce duplication

  • Added developer helpers for regression data, weight packaging, and .h5 file manipulation


  • Require keras>=2.0.9,<2.3.0 in dependencies to avoid force installation of TF 2.x during pip installation.

  • Update README and installation docs to explicitly state that we do not yet support TF 2.x and to offer a working dependency combination.

  • Require kapre==0.1.4 in dependencies to avoid installing tensorflow>=1.14 which break regression tests.


  • Rename audio related embedding functions to indicate that they are specific to audio.

  • Add image embedding functionality to API and CLI.

  • Add video processing functionality to API and CLI.

  • Add batch processing functionality to API and CLI to more efficiently process multiple inputs.

  • Update documentation with new functionality.

  • Address build issues with updated dependencies.


  • Update embedding models with ones that have been trained with the kapre bug fixed.

  • Allow loaded models to be passed in and used in process_file and get_embedding.

  • Rename get_embedding_model to load_embedding_model.


  • Update kapre to fix issue with dynamic range normalization for decibel computation when computing spectrograms.


  • First release.